Zanetti Jacket 172/011/238 - Mastroianni Fashions
Zanetti Jacket 172/011/238 - Mastroianni Fashions

Zanetti Jacket 172/011/238

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Slim Fit

A great casual sports in a slim fit style and stylish pattern that is easy to style. This casual sport coat keeps you comfortable with its elegant and soft fitting fabric. A great sport coat that adds elegance and charm to any man's closet.

  • Design: Navy 
  • Size: The slim fit fits the body closely and comfortably. It is a perfect choice for men who have lean and slim body types, with narrower shoulders and chest.
  • Quality: The fabric is soft and elegant fitting, dry clean or cold water hand wash
  • Perfect for: Stylish Looking and skinny fit great quality for all kinds of occasions like wedding party, prom, business meets, office, birthday gift or other special occasions.

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