LAZAROU Charcoal Modern Fit Suit - Mastroianni Fashions
LAZAROU Charcoal Modern Fit Suit - Mastroianni Fashions


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                         Lazarou Suit

A modern buttoned-up suit that brings your wardrobe to the next level. The suit perfectly wraps around the body. The pattern makes the suit looks stylish and graceful. The 2 buttons have been left unbuttoned, this suit is meant to be worn this way. Casual, yet graceful at the same time.

The suit is longer at the back, it has vents at either side, there's a pocket on either side and there's a breast pocket which has been left empty.

This suit would a perfect match for a lavish pair of cap-toe oxfords. To top it all off with a refined belt, which can be accompanied by a hat/ fedora.

  • Design: Modern fit charcoal
  • Size: The classic fit tailoring is a loose style that follows the traditional tailoring style.
  • Quality: 100% Wool
  • Perfect for: A versatile piece that can be used to stand out in casual settings or special events.

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