How to choose a tie to compliment your look.

    Whether your going to a special event, church, or work we are going to cover how to pick a tie that compliments your look. I don't believe a tie should be a novelty piece. In my eyes the ties purpose is to compliment, not clash with your outfit. First are going to cover how to pick the right sized tie. Then we will go over knots. Finally we will cover some basics to give your style a modern look. 
    They say the tie is what people notice first. The most common mistake I see men make is buying the wrong sized tie. So how big should a tie be? The only solid rule when it comes to choosing a tie is it has to be long enough to touch your belt line. The width is dependent on your look, size, and desired knot. The more elegant the knots generally look better on a narrow tie. Almost every expert recommends that you stay away from anything bigger than a tie thats 3.75" wide. 
     To me it seems the days of giant windsor knots are over. One of the main staple of todays fashion is the narrow tie. Most of the popular elegant knots require a narrow tie. Also not every collar is made the same, and there are few knots that can work on any collar. The most recommended knot is the "4 in hand" knot. This is simple elegant knot that can fit any collar. If your going to know only one knot this one is recommend the most. The secret weapon to any style knot is the dimple. No matter your knot choice, your dimple can make or break you look. 
    The modern look has the tie as an anchor more than a conversation piece. Commonly people will choose a dark suit for the timeless look they offer. Dark suits generally work despite the season. A great way to make a dark suit pop is a busy/loud shirt. A solid colored tie of the same fabric as the suit grounds the busy/loud shirt. A ties color should compliment the look not clash with it. A tie bar at proper height also helps serve as an anchor. Your tie bar should clip the tie to your shirt at the height of your handkerchief pocket. When you make the shift from a tie as a conversation piece to an anchor for your look, you're taking a modern approach to your look. 
    As I said in the beginning I don't think your tie should be a novelty, or a conversation piece. I subscribe to the modern ideology that it should anchor your look. As long as your tie hits your belt line, and your dimple looks nice you have a solid foundation. Also if your only going to learn one knot the "4 in hand" is the most recommended. The rest of the selection is up to you, and your style. The key take away is your tie should compliment not clash with your look. Anything you feel we missed, or want us to cover please drop in the comments. 
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