Fashion Faux Pax's For Men To Avoid "Tucked In Shirts"

    An observation that I have made over the years, is that most men are not taught how to dress. So many men copy what they see, and fail. We are here to help you avoid some of most common fashion faux pax's for men. In this blog we are covering when to tuck in your shirt, and the alternatives.

    The biggest deciding factor on when to tuck your shirt, or not is the occasion. Formal occasions, and upscale establishments are perfect times to tuck in your shirt. Casual establishments, and "laid back" settings an untucked look can go well. The thing to look out for here is to make sure the hemline is not too long. If the shirt overhangs too long it tends to look sloppy. A clean short hemline feels presentable but nonchalant. If you're not sure of the how formal your occasion error on the side of formal. 

    What if we have something on over the shirt? The most used version of this is the blazer jacket. There isn't a clear cut rule on this application because this option is so versatile. This application rely's largely on the persons style, and mood. However if you're wearing a cardigan there are stricter rules. If you're wearing a regular shirt, or polo you remain untucked. However if you have a nice collared shirt not only should you tuck it in, but also wear a belt with your outfit.

    If we are wearing a t-shirt solo when should we tuck it in? The general rule relies on the pant choice in the outfit. An outfit pairing jeans, cargo pants, or any casual choice pant an untucked look works well. Wearing a polished collared shirt you tuck in your shirt unless it is a slim fitting shirt with a scooped hem. This is a untucked winner for a polished occasion. Luckily there is a high fashion choice that helps men elevate their style. A french tuck is essentially where you tuck in the front, and leave the back untucked. This look has been adopted by many stars, and is a happy middle ground for most. 

    Is there a set in stone rule when it comes to fashion? Fortunately there isn't a clear cut rule. Generally you let the occasion decide first, then you pair accordingly to your pant choice, and desired look. If your look is clean, and sharp you can pull off almost anything. These guidelines are to help you stay in the fashionable side of the topic. Check out our upcoming topics, "Picking the right tie," and "Oversized Clothes."