Fashion Faux Pax's For Men To Avoid "Executing Mixed Prints To Win"

    Fashion is mostly about feeling good in your clothes. The most common way to achieve that goal is to look good in your clothes. The "rules to fashion" insure you operate within guidelines to give you the best chance of looking good. Today we are going to cover how to effectively mix prints.

    Before you experiment with your style you need a solid foundation. Experts recommend that everyone has a suit, leather jacket, slim jeans, a cashmere sweater, and a go-to pair of shoes. Remember you don't need to shop brands to look good. Many experts consistently promote shopping where you can afford. These items give you a solid foundation to build off of, and play with your style.

    First things first when mixing prints stick to 2 prints. This makes execution easier, and gives a solid look more often then not. A great way to mix prints is to play with the proportion of the prints. For example fine stripes, paired with bold stripes. Personally I stick to the same tonal range, but so many choose compound colors. At the end of the day that's all personal preference. The fact remains that black, and white selections offer alot of flexibility. 

   The best general rule for mixing prints is opposites attract. Mixing prints goes past playing with the proportions of the print. Mixing colored prints can be hard. When mixing colors floral prints traditionally are the hardest to pair. I believe this is because of all the colors in common floral prints. The way people execute mixing florals best in my opinion is choosing a monochrome floral preferably same color in both prints, with a colorful floral. Bringing the opposite ends of the spectrum together for the look. 

    The key for mixing prints is to stick to 2 prints, and pair opposite ends of the spectrum. Whether that means proportion, color, or pattern if you stick to these guidelines, and you have your styles foundation you can play with your style. Fashion is about feeling good in your clothes. We hope that you can take these guidelines, and have fun with your style. Let us know if you have any additional advice, or a topic you would like covered in the comments.